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About Us

Squid Parts

Challenges of procurement abound in EMS industry. Complex Products, Iterative Product Development, Rapid component obsolescence, Unpredictable component prices, Large BoM, Globally distributed Suppliers & Supply chain makes it a challenge for Supply Chain/Procurement professionals to ensure timely component availability at competitive prices. Procurement professional’s challenges affects not only EBIDTA margin as well as capacity utilisation.

RFQ Management during procurement has long been considered non value adding task but still unavoidable due to these factors and often affects Buyer’s efficiency & productivity.

Squid.Parts is conceived as a robust platform for efficient RFQ Management to make procurement process simpler, smarter & better.

Founders have strong experience in Electronics and Semiconductors business across value chain and bring insight to offer smart alternative for Procurement professionals.

If you want specific feature Squid.Parts should have, write to us at [email protected]

How It Works

Manage your RFQs, Suppliers, Line Cards, Currency, Supplier Communications & Quotes, all at one place.

Integrate your ERP/MRP as well as Supplier Inventory Systems with Squid.Parts to give YOU most comprehensive view on all Supplier Offers that saves your Time & Money and Enhance Efficiency & Productivity.
Squid Parts


Create RFQ

Create your RFQ to source by adding MPN or upload the full BOM. All RFQs and Quotes are Managed at one place giving a full view on your RFQ progress.


Source Parts

Quickly find the suppliers on your part requests for sourcing. Integrated inventory and Line card offers from the major component distributors.


Assign Suppliers

Assign suppliers for parts based on Geography, supplier type, availability, and Line Card. Automate the assignment process by creating your component sourcing rules.


Contact Suppliers

Send email inquiries to multiple or individually assigned suppliers in a few clicks. Easy tracking of sent inquiries to improve the turnaround time for supplier responses.


Receive Quotes

Receive quotes from suppliers directly in your RFQ using integrated supplier response workflow. Easy to manage quotes for single or multiple parts.


Optimize RFQ

Use Optimiser to evaluate all qualified offers & decide Suppliers as per Price & Availability for your RFQ. Optimise RFQ Cost based on Suppliers Coverage, Lead Time, Stock as well as Suppliers.

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